Mold Dehumidification

Injection and Blow Molding without mold condensation

When the surface temperature of an object sinks below the dew point of the ambient air, condensation builds on this object. This problem especially occurs on chilled molds of plastic processing machines. As a result the optimal water temperature used for the cooling process cannot be realized. To avoid condensation the cooling water temperature has to be risen. This leads to extended cooling time and reduction of productivity.

The answer to this problem is to create a dry climate around the mold. Blue Air Systems’ mold dehumidification units fill the enclosed mold are with dry process air with a dew point of 4 °C [39 °F]. Result: The units allow the usage of cold water with constant and optimal process temperature without the trouble of condensation.

Blue Air Systems guarantees condensation free production with a mold cooling temperature as low as 6 °C [43 °F] throughout the year, in every weather, in every climate. This means higher productivity and constant product quality. The scope of supply are MSP-Systems and upon request a tailor made enclosure for the mold area of the production machine. Blue Air Systems provides simple handling in the production process (fast mold changes).


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