RDM Micro Compressed Air Resin Dryer

Compressed air dryer for small material throughputs


Special futures of RDM Micro Compressed Air Resin Dryer:

  • Double wall borosilicate BORAN® high temperature glass
  • Air supply unit with process air pre-setup and micro controller
  • 3 colour alarm light running over MULTIPORT-connector
  • connection of Windows® PC via PC-PORT on the unit
  • Detachable operating panel with easy to read large scale display in red LED-DOT matrix technique
  • Extremely easy and intuitive guided 3 level menu-logic
  • Materil sliding gate (option)
  • Dew point display (option)
  • Air supply unit equipped with solenoid valve
  • Adjustable material level sensor (Conveying option)
  • Venturi-Förderset zu RDM Microtrockner (Conveying option)


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