Internal product cooling by compressed chilled air

The Compressed Air Chiller (CAC) replaces the regular blowing air with chilled compressed air (- 35 °C) inside the container during the blowing process. As a result the heat is removed also from the inner surface of the container reducing material stress and cutting cooling time up to 50 %.

CAC operating principle:

The internal cooling system with compressed air has been developed for specific and intensive heat removal from the inside of blow moulded products. Units are available in 5 standard sizes with a process air volume from 120 Nm³/h up to 540 Nm³/h and a compressed air outlet temperature of – 35 °C.

Special designed and tailor made blow pins blow the chilled air even to critical parts of the product and guarantee optimal exchange of the chilled air. The blowing valve block is used to control the blowing process and is available for every type of blowing process.

Advantages of CAC Compressed Air Chillers:

  • Easy integration into production process with fully automatic operation
  • Suitable for nearly all blow moulding machines
  • Low energy consumption and maintenance expenses
  • Production increase up to 50 % (depending on the product)
  • Quick return on investment between 1 month and 1 year
  • CFC-free system