Resin drying with compressed air

Resin drying with compressed air – the alternative to desiccant dryers

Drying resin with compressed air is the economic alternative compared to conventional drying systems (e.g. desiccant drying system). This technology guarantees perfect drying results, low operating costs and a virtually maintenance free production.

Many plastic resins, depending on their type, absorb humidity from ambient air. Humidity absorbed by resin (hygroscopic material) or found on the surface of pellets (non-hygroscopic resin) cause troubles during production e.g. processing failure, surface defects or loss of mechanical properties.

Blue Air Systems’ resin dryers use pre-dried air from the compressed air available on site network for the drying process. Through relaxation to atmospheric pressure, dry compressed air with a very low dew point is created. It is then heated to the required drying temperature and then introduced into the dryer.



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