Dry Mold System DMS

Injection and Blow Molding without mold condensation

When the surface temperature of an object sinks below the dew point of the ambient air, condensation builds on this subject. Blue Air Systems’ Dry Mold System (DMS) creates a dry climate around the mold.


DMS operating principle:

Process air is running through the DMS in a closed loop circuit. When starting the unit “warm and moist” air in the mold area flows to the dehumidification unit DMS. In the DMS, the air is dehumidified with the help of a special refrigeration unit without the use of any chilled water. The processed air is then supplied to the mold area again, closing the loop.


Advantages of the DMS-System:

  • Condensation free production for optimal mold cooling temperature
  • Dehumidification without the need of chilled water – NO PRECOOLER needed
  • Process air running in closed loop circuit
  • Same production conditions throughout the year
  • Higher machine efficiency through shorter cooling time
  • Suitable for single production machines
  • CFC-free system
  • Low maintenance expanses
  • Quick return on investment


Technical data:

DMS Type

         DMS 15

         DMS 25


Nominal process air flow