RDL Modular Resin Dryer

For medium to large material throughputs from 20 - 210 kg/h

The Modular Resin Dryer RDL (hopper size up to 700 litres) is especially suitable for medium to large material throughputs.

Advantages of the RDL-system:

  • State-of-the-art compressed air technology for lowest energy consumption
  • No desiccant dryer needed
  • Applicable for all resins, including PET
  • Process air with - 25 °C dew point (if required a dew point of - 70 °C can be produced)
  • Fully automatic capacity control with simple handling
  • Primary compressed air heating system with ring nozzle air shower
  • Secondary air heating system with integrated energy recovery and heater injector system
  • Hopper sizes from 100, 150 up to 700 litres
  • Modular design for total flexibility and easy cleaning
  • Special execution to use exhaust air from production machine(s) for process air
  • Suitable as central drying unit