Mold Dehumidification Unit MSP

Injection and Blow Moldnig without mold condensation

When the surface temperature of an object sinks below the dew point of the ambient air, condensation builds on this object. Blue Air Systems’ Mold Sweat Protector (MSP) creates a dry climate around the mold.

MSP operating principle:
“Warm and moist” ambient air (1) is drawn into the MSP-unit, filtered, cooled and, after re-warming, the dry process air is blown into an air distribution ductwork. The purified ambient air is cooled in two stages and in two different heat exchangers.

The first stage is an air/water heat exchanger (2). Low temperature chilled water is pumped from the mold cooling system into the inlet of the heat exchanger (3). The chilled water runs through the coils of the heat exchanger against the direction of the air flow, extracts a large amount of heat contained in the air and leaves the heat exchanger through the exit returning to the chiller system. The compressor compresses the refrigerant in the air cooled condenser raising the refrigerant´s temperature. A fan blows cold process air through the condenser (heat exchanger) to cool the refrigerant.

The liquid refrigerant flows from the condenser to the evaporator, passing the expansion valve. Due to the expansion the refrigerant’s temperature drops in the evaporator, the refrigerant now flows through the coils of the evaporator against the direction of the air flow, extracts a major portion of the heat from the process air and returns at low pressure to the compressor to close the refrigeration cycle.
After the second stage of cooling, the process air at a temperature of appr. 3°C (37.5°F) is directed to the condenser (4), where it attracts heat from the refrigerant. A strong fan in the MSP-unit transports the process air via an air distribution system to its utilization.

Advantages of the MSP-System

  • Steady product quality and production conditions through constant dew point of ambient air
  • Higher machine efficiency through shorter cooling time
  • Suitable for single production machines or complete production lines
  • Tailor made enclosures for mold area
  • CFC – free system
  • Low maintenance expenses
  • Low energy consumption
  • Quick return on investment