RDX Compressed Air Resin Dryer

Resin drying with compressed air – the alternative to desiccant dryers


Blue Air’s RDX for drying plastic resins with operationally available compressed air is the economic alternative to conventional drying systems (e.g. desiccant dryers), because the compressed air technology guarantees perfect drying results at minimal operating costs and an almost maintenance-free production.

The newly developed resin dryers operate with the RDX compressed air technology. They use pre-dried air from the compressed air available on site network for the drying process.


  • Well tried-and-tested economical 3D RDX compressed air technology
  • Thermal decoupling through optimal insulation
  • Uniform air distribution using a ring nozzle system
  • Intelligent compressed air volume control through sensors
  • Compact modular design
  • 38 differet hopper sizes: 7 to 92 litres
  • Typical material throughput capacity from approx. 1 kg/h to 40 kg/h
  • Automatically, adjustable level control
  • Attachment dryer with optional separation of hopper and air unit
  • Optional for 27, 42 and 62 litres: dividable hoppers for optimal cleaning
  • Low maintenance and energy requirement
  • Suitable for all plastics
  • Process air with dew point -25°C (if required up to -65°C)
  • Simple installation („plug & play“)
  • Integration on all standard machines
  • Numerous standard interfaces
  • Networking of several dryers via remote mode is possible
  • Comfortable regulator with entirely flexible basic electronic structure
  • Integrated control for conveying and discharging
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Drying time monitoring with or without lowering of temperature
  • Automatic lowering of temperature upon manufacturing stoppage
  • Integrated weekly setting programme
  • Modem output for remote maintenance, programme updates and analyses
  • Dew point display with optional dew point sensor (can be retrofitted)
  • Comprehensive system accessories